What Makes a High Quality Marketing Team?

I grew up in a Bluefield, West Virginia; small coal mining town on the West Virginia/Virginia border. A place where you did not lock your car or your front door and when you passed someone on the road you knew them, and a warm greeting was normal behavior. Growing up as a triplet and one of five kids in a small three-bedroom house, the finer things in life were not at our fingertips. The boys slept in bunk beds until our teenage years, and we were happy to do so. Never once did I ever think about or worry about what I was laying on. I never knew “thread count” was even a thing until much later in life.

Did you know that your sheets are numbered? The best in class is an Egyptian cotton linen with a thread count of 1,500. On amazon you can buy these sheets for $134.99. Conversely, you can purchase a lower end 300 thread count sheet set for around $40. Until my wife introduced me to this game changing experience, I had no idea that sheets even had thread counts. What I can tell you as a consumer without any hesitation or containment…is that Egyptian cotton sheets are a real thing, and they are amazing! No, this is not going to turn into a native article for a sheet manufacturer.  

There is a very common question that marketing people ask companies today: what keeps you up at night? This takes on an entirely new meaning if you were to answer it by saying, I think it is my 300-thread count sheets. I didn’t realize what I was missing and how great a night’s sleep could be. This also holds true for many companies that do not realize what they’re missing with a 300-marketing thread count until they have tried a 1,500-marketing thread count. For example, we recently were having a conversation with a prospect that has been in business for almost 40 years. We asked a lot of questions about how they were monitoring the performance of their ongoing advertising campaigns. Much to our surprise, this company had never conducted these evaluations with their big media campaigns to make sure they were getting what was agreed upon and paid for. In our digital and big media world today, everything is accountable and trackable. There should be active auditing and assessments with every campaign through its media partners 24/7/365. If these in-depth analyses were not part of your marketing strategy, you would never know they exist. 

At 3 Bridges Consulting we pride ourselves on providing a 1,500 score on service, value, results, and accountability. In addition, if we do not have the right solution or answer we will recommend and connect you with a company that does. It all starts with a free consulting session about your past, current and future marketing wants/needs. 

So, when you are lying in bed tonight ask yourself what is my current marketing agency’s thread count?  If the answer is less than 1,500, you and your company deserve a better answer which will result in a better night’s sleep.

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