3Bridges Consulting Announces Strategic Partnership with Sundae as Creative Agency and Media Placement Specialist

Sarasota, FL 4/2/24 – 3Bridges Consulting, a cutting-edge marketing and video content creation firm, is proud to announce its latest partnership with Sundae, a revolutionary real estate platform that promises homeowners the ability to sell their dated properties at the best possible price. Sundae’s unique auction model, which garners multiple offers without requiring any repairs from the seller, is transforming the way homes are sold, making the process faster and more lucrative. As Sundae’s newly appointed Creative Agency and Media Placement Specialist, 3Bridges Consulting is set to amplify Sundae’s innovative service to a broader audience, driving awareness and engagement across key markets.

Sundae, co-founded by CEO Josh Stech, addresses the pain points many homeowners face when selling properties that may not be in prime condition. By bypassing the traditional real estate model that often demands extensive repairs and upgrades, Sundae offers a streamlined, efficient alternative that maximizes value for sellers. The partnership with 3Bridges Consulting aims to elevate Sundae’s brand presence and articulate the unique benefits of its service to potential clients through strategic marketing and compelling storytelling.

Josh Stech, Sundae’s co-founder, and CEO, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Our mission at Sundae is to empower homeowners with a simpler, more profitable way to sell their homes as-is. Collaborating with 3Bridges Consulting, with their expertise in crafting powerful narratives and executing strategic media placements, will enable us to connect with more homeowners and fundamentally change their selling experience for the better.”

The collaboration between Sundae and 3Bridges Consulting is poised to disrupt the real estate industry by introducing homeowners to a novel selling platform that is both effective and user-friendly. 3Bridges Consulting will utilize its full suite of creative and media capabilities to highlight Sundae’s unique value proposition, focusing on the ease, speed, and financial benefits of using Sundae’s platform.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sundae and support their mission of offering a hassle-free solution for selling homes,” said Sean Springman co-founder of 3Bridges Consulting. “Our team is committed to leveraging our expertise in creative storytelling and media strategy to showcase Sundae’s innovative approach to real estate. Together, we will redefine the home selling process and set a new standard in the industry.”

For media inquiries, please contact: Sean Springman co-founder 3Bridges Consulting 602-509-4327

About 3Bridges Consulting: 3Bridges Consulting is a leading marketing and video content creation firm, dedicated to helping brands achieve breakthrough growth through innovative strategies and compelling storytelling. Specializing in creative services and media placement, 3Bridges Consulting partners with clients across various sectors to build strong brand connections and drive meaningful engagement.

About Sundae: Sundae is revolutionizing the real estate market with its auction platform designed for selling dated and as-is properties. By facilitating multiple offers without the need for repairs, Sundae ensures homeowners receive the best possible price in an extremely fast timeframe. Co-founded by CEO Josh Stech, Sundae is committed to providing a more profitable, efficient, and stress-free selling experience.