At 3BC, we believe building a company is similar to building a bridge.  You need to build a direct connection with your customers.  During the life cycle of a business, there are different ways to do that depending on the age of your company.  Early bridges were just fallen trees or stepping stones. Over the years, they developed into building structures that could stand the test of time.  Let us show you solutions to build the most solid bridges possible. That way, your business can stand the test of time.



One in five businesses fail in their first year.  What is the key to those that survive?  They understand their market and their customers. We navigate that market opportunity and define the customers you are trying to reach.  Our extensive experience in the start-up world allows you to hire us to handle the role of a Chief Marketing Officer.  Using our company in this role, will save you time and money and allow you to focus more of your finances on R&D, which is critical for any start-up.     


3BC partnered with Dentures Today, a dental company in South Florida to build the first bridge in their start up year.  Read how 3BC solutions delivered amazing success and positioned Denture’s Today for success.

A draw bridge symbolizes one stage of solutions provided by 3BC.


YEARS 2 & 3

If you’ve built that bridge from year one to year two the next bridge will be the one that ensures your long term success.   We will take you to the next level, by acquiring more capital, customers, and confidence for your business.  3BC will get your product or products in front of the right audience. At the same time, we will create and manage your entire strategy, utilizing our arsenal of digital social and traditional marketing.  We build a comprehensive strategy and are accountable for our performance with extensive tracking of your entire marketing spend.


3BC works with Nano-Shot, a CBD beverage company based in Montana.  Nano-Shot is a growing company that turned to 3BC for Brand Building, eCommerce Strategy, and Social Media management.  And when 3BC brokered a deal to increase Nano-Shot’s national distribution, sales took off.  Read how 3BC solutions deliver more than typical marketing success.



If you are an established company past year four, the third bridge ensures your sustainability and growth.  You have to have a clear understanding of immediate and long-term marketing goals.  Marketing your business never stops.  As we have seen recently, even established businesses need to be nimble and ready to pivot quickly.  We have clients with very mature businesses, and our marketing solutions have helped them survive and thrive during all different economic climates.

A large suspension bridge symbolizes solutions provided by 3BC.