3Bridges Consulting Delivers Compelling Documentaries for Protect Our Past Preservation Film Festival

Sarasota FL. 10/10/2023 – 3Bridges Consulting is proud to announce the successful production of two captivating 30-minute documentaries, set to be showcased at the upcoming Preservation Film Festival Chatham, MA October 13th and 14th. Love Letter to Cape Cod, and Life Rings were created in collaboration with the non-profit organization Protect Our Past. They delve into the heart of preservation efforts and heritage conservation, shedding light on the importance of safeguarding our shared history for future generations.

The Preservation Film Festival, scheduled for October 13th and 14th will be held in historic Chatham, MA, and is the first hosted by Protect Our Past. It will be a gathering of preservation enthusiasts, filmmakers, community leaders, and individuals who share a common goal: to safeguard our heritage for generations to come. The Festival will also be a chance for the community to celebrate the incredible contributions of CBS Producer John Yacobian who suddenly passed away in late September. He left an indelible mark on each of the documentaries with his beautiful writing and ability to bring the subject matter to life.

“These documentaries are more than just films; they are windows into the soul of preservation,” said Dennis Williams, co-founder of 3Bridges Consulting. “John Yacobian loved Cape Cod and its rich history and like all of us believed in the power of storytelling to ignite passion and drive action. Through these documentaries, we aim to inspire communities, individuals, and decision-makers to actively engage in preserving our past for a richer future.”

The films take a deep look into the challenges faced by communities striving to protect their historical landmarks and cultural sites. Through interviews with local experts, community members, and historians, the documentary uncovers the tireless efforts that go into preserving these invaluable treasures.

For media inquiries, interviews, or more information about 3Bridges Consulting and their documentaries, please contact:

Dennis Williams Co-founder 916-207-1646

About 3Bridges Consulting: 3Bridges Consulting is a dynamic production company specializing in creating impactful documentaries that address critical social and cultural issues. With a passion for storytelling, 3Bridges Consulting collaborates with organizations and individuals to bring compelling narratives to life, fostering understanding, empathy, and positive change.