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Blog Posts

Start at Yes

Start at Yes/No Are you someone who starts at Yes, or starts at No? I think it’s a fundamental question that will help you understand how you look at the world. I have to admit for much of my life I started at no. Could I start a new business? Can I buy that? Can…

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What Makes a High Quality Marketing Team?

I grew up in a Bluefield, West Virginia; small coal mining town on the West Virginia/Virginia border. A place where you did not lock your car or your front door and when you passed someone on the road you knew them, and a warm greeting was normal behavior. Growing up as a triplet and one…
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Finding Your Competitive Edge

I have always been fascinated by competition. What makes one person competitive and another one not? Can you teach someone to be competitive? I think the answer is largely no. I do believe that you can press certain buttons to pull passion out of people, but I am not sure you can ever make someone…
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9 Tips to Outstanding Initial Prospect Meetings

There’s a big mystery in my house… what happened to the other sock? Over the last few years after folding laundry, there was always a sock or two that did not have a partner. I started to save and collect these individual socks in hopes that someday we would find their mate. It rarely happened!…
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