Nano Shot Story


Scope of Work

  • Video Production

  • Market Analysis & Strategy

  • eCommerce Retail Strategy

  • eCommerce Website Rebuild

  • Increase US Distribution Footprint

  • Support & Train Corporate Sales Team

  • Support Sales through Distribution Chain

  • Social Media Strategy


  • eCommerce Sales Growth

  • National Distribution Growth

  • Extensive Corporate and Brand Video Library

  • Redesigned eCommerce Website

The list of projects quickly grew

Nano Shot is a division of Harmon Brands, a leader in the CBD industry based in Montana.  They produce all-natural, plant-based products in FDA licensed and registered facilities.  Nano Shot is different than any other product on the market because of their proprietary Nano Emulsification Technology.  It allows users to relax and unwind quickly.  Additionally, it provides a sense of relief and calm. Nano Shot is all-natural with NO THC, no sugar, and zero calories.

3 Bridges Consulting was hired in 2022 to produce premium video content.  Once Harmon Brands learned about other services 3BC offers, the list if projects quickly grew.  3BC was soon tasked to create a comprehensive retail strategy, increase Nano-Shot’s national distribution footprint, rebuilt the eCommerce website, and develop/implement a social media campaign to increase brand awareness and drive sales.   

Brand Awareness Pops, Distribution Explodes

3Bridges Consulting used their extensive network of contacts to broker a partnership between Nano-Shot and Edge Beverage Consulting.  Edge Beverage is one of the country’s top Retail Sales Consultants.  With that partnership in place,  Nano-Shot’s brand distribution footprint went nationwide and picked up salespeople in key markets across the country.  Social media users quickly became aware of the brand and visited the newly-rebuilt website. Sales to first-time and repeat customers are steadily rising.

Video produced by 3BC tells the Nano-Shot story and
why it’s more effective than other CBD products on the market today.

“The Nano Shot Difference”
“The Nano Shot Story”

Positioned for Growth in any Market Condition

As our partnership evolves and the company heads onto the next bridge, we continue to refine the marketing strategy and offer services not found at other marketing consulting firms.  As client’s grow, 3BC can help with sales training, distribution networks, and consistent messaging that promotes the brand.  This is especially important as brands evolve, products and services change, and personnel shifts.  On this bridge, we strengthen our bond with clients, becoming valued consultants on a wide range of sales, marketing, and management topics.  Nano Shot is now planning for international growth and 3BC has their passports up to date.