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August 1, 2022

Nano Shot/Harmon Brands, an innovative leader in the CBD Industry joins forces with Edge Beverage Consulting, one of the country’s top Retail Sales Consultant

Bozeman, Montana Nano Shot, a division of Harmon Brands LLC is excited to announce our partnership with Edge Beverage as they help introduce our brand across North America, Edge Beverage brings to the table its extensive retail buyer network with national retail chains. Their focus is helping brands gain retail presence through their network of chain buyers across the country while expanding brand’s distribution footprint. Both companies are very excited about the growth of the emerging CBD industry and the opportunity for national distribution.

Nano Shot is a division of Harmon Brands, a leader in the CBD industry focusing on producing all-natural plant-based products. Nano Shot is their latest product and is revolutionizing the CBD industry. 

What makes Nano Shot different than any other product on the market is their proprietary Nano Emulsification Technology. Such technology creates a concentrated CBD product with 15 milligrams of Nano CBD in a 2fl oz. bottle (equivalent to 90 milligrams of regular CBD oil). Nano-Shot provides near immediate results, allowing you to relax and unwind quickly, as well as providing a sense of relief and calm. Nano Shot is all-natural with NO THC, no sugar, and zero calories. It is manufactured in the USA in FDA licensed and registered facilities. 

Larry Harmon Founder and CEO of Harmon Brands and Nano Shot on why he chose Edge Beverage for this distribution partnership. “Our new partnership with Edge Beverage will allow us to increase our chain support, distribution, and provide professional sales leadership. When speaking with Edge Beverage founders Phillip Guana and James Williams, we quickly learned that our value system and dedication to quality were in lockstep. This will be a game-changer in the niche CBD category as we expand nationally. We could not be more excited and optimistic for the future.”

Philip Guana President, Co-Owner, and Founder at Edge Beverage on why partnering with such an innovative and progressive company in the CBD space was an easy choice. “Nano Shot is uniquely different and an industry leader when it comes to delivering quality, effective CBD in an easy-to-drink package. We always seek to partner with innovators in the beverage space and Nano Shot is just that.”

Interested in learning more, please contact Dennis Williams at or Sean Springman at

3 Bridges Consulting is a full-service sales and marketing consulting firm located in Florida. They are a leader in helping brands find their identity through storytelling and video content. Then they deliver that content to the best prospects and customers.  Their goal is to build an unbreakable bridge between you and your best customer.

Nano Shot/Harmon Brands is a Natural Health and Wellness Company located in Montana. They focus on producing 100% natural and plant-based products. Nano Shot is the latest in their line of products manufactured with no additives or non-natural ingredients.

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Edge Beverage is one of the country’s top Retail Sales Consultants, helping small- and mid-sized brands grow their retail presence. Using a Fractional Services Model, helping brands gain access to retailers at a fraction of the cost of hiring a National Accounts Executive or full-time sales team in the market. Since 2016 Edge Beverage Consulting has been an industry-changing team of retail sales professionals, whose focus is helping brands gain retail presence through their network of chain buyers across the country, expand brand’s distribution footprint as well as provide salespeople in key markets across the country to sell directly to independent off- and on-premise accounts. Additionally, Edge is also an Importer and Warehouse solution for brands internationally.

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