What We Do

3 Bridges Consulting offers high quality video production for brands of all sizes. We have an experienced team of artists who have been storytellers in the television and video business for decades. We offer cutting edge videography of all lengths. If you need a television commercial, video for your website, social media videos, product videos, long format videos; we cover all of those needs and so much more!

Don’t cut corners when producing video for your business.

You need to work with a video production company or agency that can deliver network quality elite production.

Call or send us an email below for more information.

3 Bridges Consulting guarantees we will provide you with the rich high end video production your business deserves.

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Introducing HeroShots

3 Bridges Consulting has also built a brand new state of the art video production service providing a complete solution for your e-commerce needs.

If you have a product or multiple products – we have a video and still photography solution for you. It’s never been more important to have rich quality photography and professional video production to promote your products. 84% of consumers say they were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. 97% of marketers reported that video increased understanding of a product and 76% said it increased their sales!

We have a video marketing solution to fit any budget, so click here for more information:

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What they say about us!

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“They understood the message we needed to convey, and he expertly created a commercial concept to meet that goal. I could not recommend FTI enough for anyone with video production needs”

[/testimonial_sc][testimonial_sc author=”Jamie Spurrier MLIS Program Manager” a_info=”Florida Inventor’s Hall of Fame”]

“It is a spectacular video, and your creativity, innovation, and vision are expertly displayed here.”

[/testimonial_sc][testimonial_sc author=”Nick Warner” a_info=”Consulting”]

“I hired 3 Bridges Consulting to add video content to my website. Dennis Williams and his video team at 3BC literally transformed my site by adding video. Not only have I received more leads, but I see a tangible difference in the quality of leads I receive. They devised a brilliant script and directed a really natural production. I could not be happier with the way adding video through 3BC has helped my business.”