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June 24, 2022

3 Bridges Consulting joining forces with The Elect John Anderson for Douglas County Sheriff

Sarasota, Florida 3 Bridges Consulting is excited to announce our partnership with Elect John Anderson Douglas County Sheriff to help conduct his media strategy and placement for big media (TV, Cable, Radio). 3 Bridges Consulting takes a consumer marketing approach to their political buying making which is different than the spray and pray approach of many agencies who do media buying for political candidates. It is about finding the most efficient ways to reach the target audience allowing a candidate’s dollars to be spread further.
John Anderson is a 40-year law enforcement professional – 30 years of that in Command. Many of the programs you see today in Douglas County are programs John created, piloted, or was on the founding boards of, worked in, and then commanded including the 1st Critical Response Team for adults and children facing a mental crisis, the 18th Judicial Critical Incident Team, Victims Assistance, the 1st Accredited agency in the County, and the 1st SWAT Team in the County.
John was on call 24/7/365 for 30 years of his career for the ENTIRE department, not just one division, in addition to Commander of the SWAT Team. He is a life-long resident and have been a registered Republican since age 18. I am a devout Constitutionalist and Conservative and has dedicated his life to serving and protecting Douglas County.
John is one of three candidates POST certified which is required to serve as Sheriff.  If POST is expired, the candidate must start over to obtain POST certification.
He is one of two candidates currently in law enforcement.  he serves as a Reserve for Weld County Sheriff’s Office after he underwent an extensive background check, psychological exam, physical, and qualified in shooting, arrest control, driving, plus an additional 50 hours (about 2 days) of written tests.
Interested in learning more about Elect John Anderson for Douglas County Sheriff, please contact Dennis Williams at  dwilliams3bc@gmail.com  916-916-207-1646 or Sean Springman at sspringman3bc@gmail.com. 602-509-4327
3 Bridges Consulting is a full-service sales and marketing consulting firm located in Florida. They are a leader in helping brands find their identity through storytelling and video content, and then finding the audience for that content. Their goal is to build an unbreakable bridge between you and your best customer.
John Anderson for Douglas County Sheriff lives in Douglas County. He is currently running for the Douglas County Sheriff. John Stands firm for Our Constitution to ensure our American culture, freedoms and communities remain strong.
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