Dentures Today Story

FIRST BRIDGE | Year 1 Start-Up Business

Scope of Work

  • Lead Generation
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Television Production
  • Media Research & Analysis
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Television Planning
  • Television Buying & Stewardship


  • 644 Tracked Calls in 2 Months
  • Television Buy Executed in 4 Markets
  • 4 Television Commercials Shot on Location
  • New Custom Website Optimized for SEO

Strategy from the Ground Up

Dentures Today is an on-demand Denture Replacement Club with locations throughout South Florida. They are the world’s first replacement denture subscription service that lets you order dentures online.  Plus, they deliver them to customers within days, instead of weeks like their competitors. 
3 Bridges Consulting was hired to create a comprehensive marketing strategy. First, our market research determined the demographics and media habits of the best prospects. Then we used these research findings to learn that television would be an effective way to introduce their company.  Additionally, 3BC built a new website focusing on the user experience and engagement.  Finally, we designed a digital strategy that delivers Dentures Today messages to their best prospects, where ever they are and whenever they are online.   

Phone Calls Started Pouring In

The company’s launch was scheduled for the Spring of 2020.  3BC created several television commercials shot on location at Dentures Today.  Our extensive television experience enables us negotiate television schedules below market rates. in both Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach markets.  The creative execution and buying strategy had an immediate impact.  As a result, phone calls started pouring in. Callers were motivated by the commercials to learn more about the Dentures Today service.

Best of all, in the first two months, the marketing strategy 3BC implemented has resulted in 644 calls, and they were able to immediately generate revenue.

Television spots produced by 3BC that connect with audiences and generate immediate revenue for Dentures Today.

“Lisa’s New Smile”
“Juliette’s New Smile”

Positioned for Growth in any Market Condition

As our partnership evolves and the company heads onto the next bridge, we continue to refine the marketing strategy.  With a start-up, there’s a need to be nimble and 3BC can quickly and effectively pivot under any circumstance.  In addition, we take pride in understanding the entire marketing ecosystem of a company.  That helps us understand how each communications element contributes to success.  We continue to advise on potential growth opportunities for Dentures Today whether it’s looking at their current market or exploring a strategy in potential new markets.