At 3Bridges Consulting (3BC), we build bridges to improve your company’s brand recognition, specializing in commercial production and impactful commercial videos. It’s our expertise in storytelling and strategic media placement that sets 3Bridges Consulting apart. Contact us today, and we’ll help your brand resonate with television and digital advertising audiences.

In-House Production & Media Buying

We do it all — and we do it well! 

Building Bridges With Commercial Spots

Build a bridge connecting to new audiences with our traditional commercial spots.

Maximum Exposure

Nobody beats 3BC’s content distribution and market analysis expertise.

Commercial Production Powering Your Brand

Harness our team’s experience to build a direct route to your best customer. Here’s how 3BC helps your brand build bridges:

Commercial Videos

3BC produces premium commercial videos in standard lengths — typically 30 or 15 second spots. Use our expertise to engage with new customers through television or other digital advertising platforms. 

Television Advertising

Traditional television spots continue to be powerful tools for creating brand awareness. These impactful videos command attention and deliver your message in memorable ways. 3BC understands the nuances of television advertising and takes novel approaches to make your brand stand out.

Digital Advertising

We can optimize our commercial videos for digital advertising to build bridges across digital platforms. Reach new audiences with the help of our creative storytelling and strategic media buying expertise. 

Build Commercial Production Bridges With 3BC

Here’s how we help you build the most direct route to your best customers:


Unlike many companies that excel in either production or media buying, 3BC does both — and we do it well! Creating a great video is the bridge’s foundation, but finding the right audience is the road that connects you to your customers. Our approach is integrated so you get high quality commercial videos and strategic placement. 

Stand Out With Our Commercial Solutions

We want to help you tell your unique story with personalized commercial production. We staff the top creative professionals from across the country to produce commercial videos that represent your brand’s narrative. From concept to final video, we’ll build you a bridge to new customers. 

Quality Meets Impact

We are storytellers. 3BC designs commercial videos with narratives in mind that connect the brand to the audience. Quality is what makes us stand out, and quality is what will improve your brand’s visibility. So, let 3BC help you share your brand’s story. 

Strategic Placement = Maximum Exposure

What’s the point of creating an exceptional video if it’s not placed for maximum impact? Drawing upon our content distribution and market analysis expertise, your commercial video is placed in front of your target audience when we know they’ll be watching.

Building a Bridge to Your Success is Our Mission

Building bridges is what we do. At 3Bridges Consulting, we help our clients succeed through impactful commercial production and television advertising. Everything we do drives results — that’s our promise. Your success is our priority.

Let’s Create Impactful Commercials Together

Need high-quality commercial videos? Contact 3Bridges Consulting today for a free consultation.