YEARS 2 & 3

3 Bridges Consulting sits on the Advisory Board for Adori Labs Inc We help companies connect with Adori’s new patented audio technology. We answer strategy and growth questions for corporations that want to emerge in the audio space or start up. Questions like, what is the secret to drawing attention while providing a unique and compelling listening experience (beyond just your content)? What keeps a listener as loyal subscribers? How do you effectively monetize your podcast, allowing you to bring in essential donations, sponsors, and ad revenue? How do I distribute my audio content across all platforms?

Adori modernizes all types of traditional audio including podcasting by embedding interactive elements into the audio signal itself via a cloud API without changing the format or sacrificing quality. Adori-enabled audio allows listeners one-tap access to relevant content such as links, social feeds, videos, polls and purchases. While delivering Google-type analytics for podcasts and all-types of audio.

For creators, Adori unlocks powerful storytelling capabilities with its creative studio and end-to-end publishing tools across multiple channels. For advertisers, Adori provides an unprecedented level of listener analytics such as link click-throughs, purchases, and ad impressions, thus opening up new measurement and monetization for audio.